Leaders' Bios

Heidi Teschemacher – CCO, Ecommerce & Marketing Director, Life Extensions Europe

With a strong track record in business growth, marketing & transformations, Heidi is a passionate marketer who gets fuel from making a difference.

Growing up in retail and FMCG, as both brand owner and retail chain ‘pusher’ Heidi has a core focus on consumers, brand values and on utilizing innovative ways of working outside and in. In the last 3 years, Heidi has moved from a traditional CMO to a hybrid eCom’er, bringing data and insights into decisions and strategies.  

‘I believe that business success lies within a strong team with a customer-centric focus & communication, driven by insights and data’. Heidi’s latest focus has been to transform Life Extension Europe to a data-driven engine, with a seamless integrated team of sales, marketing and IT, for agility and optimal growth.

Steen Rasmussen – Head of Analytics & Senior Partner, IIH Nordic

Steen is an international keynote speaker and a recognised analytics educator. He has shared his thoughts and insights on analytics from Silicon Valley to Mumbai. His clients include both big internationals such as Microsoft, Apple, LEGO, Ikea and Merck alongside smaller, more specialized organisations.

Steen has won multiple nominations by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) in both categories of Difference Maker and Practitioner of the Year.

IIH Nordic is a leading digital and analytics agency in the Nordics. Voted seven years in a row to the top Danish data agencies list. It was nominated by the DAA as best agency in the past four years for its continuous focus on combining digital analytics data directly to business impact through activation. It has also won Best Place to Work in Denmark for the past three years.

Christina Elmark - Global E-Commerce Manager (Gaming), EPOS

Christina is professional and modern leader and result driven strategic digital marketer with 20 years of work experience from some of Europe´s top-of-their-class businesses. She has a great comprehension of creating a successful business with a professional approach to performance. In her mind the two most valuable assets in business is your employees and you customers. She believes in fact and data before feelings – especially in a digital world. For the past 10 years her focus has been on ecommerce and helping brands find their unique key to success in the digital world. She has created digital strategies and most importantly made sure to turn ideas into practice. Her passion is to keep finding the most effective way to do business online.

Marina Medved – Head of Martech & Analytics, Saxo Bank

In her role as Head of Marketing Technology and Digital Analytics at Saxo Bank, Marina focuses on the design and delivery of digital technology and data solutions to support acquisition, conversion and retention marketing initiatives.

Prior to Saxo Bank, Marina held several senior roles in Australia and Finland including analytics lead for the Australian Football League, Suncorp Group and Australia Post.

Marina holds degrees in Management from the St. Petersburg State University of Finance & Economics and in Law from the St. Petersburg University of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Martin Madsen – Senior Data Engineer, nemlig.com

Martin specialises in analytics, ETL and data warehousing, working daily to create the best possible database for content and products personalization at online retail super grocer, nemlig.com.

Prior to nemlig.com, Martin held positions at various companies including Redoffice, Dansk Mobilscene, Radisson Blu, Hindsgavl Slot and FolkeFerie.dk.

Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing & International Trade from the Business Academy Aarhus.

Frédéric Antoine Serval – Director, Analytics & Search, LEGO Group

Frédéric leads a mixed team of analysts, engineers and SEO professionals servicing the LEGO Group’s marketing and product teams.

Prior to LEGO, Frédéric led the analytics team at Proximity BBDO Paris where he was responsible for growing a team of analysts (on and offshore), data planners & DBAs, providing services to brands such as P&G, Mercedes and Mars Pet Food. He also worked for Wundermann and Figaro Classified previously.

Frédéric holds a Master's degree in Political Science, Communication & New Media from Sciences Po Toulouse.

Thomas Jacobsen – Digital Engagement Officer (Analytics), UNHCR

At UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, Thomas is responsible for ensuring high quality engagement measures are in place internationally across the agency’s digital channels. He advises and supports UNHCR offices on tracking implementation across all national websites, donation pages and marketing activities.

Prior to UNHCR, Thomas held roles with SAS’ Nordic marketing team, IIH Nordic, The Association of Danish Interactive Media (FDIM) among others.

Thomas holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration & Management Science from the Copenhagen Business School.

Sigi Bessesen, Head of Optimisation, HSBC Bank

Sigi Bessesen is a highly experienced optimisation manager, having worked across multiple sectors including fashion, travel, media, telcoms and banking for more than a decade. The last four years he has spent with HSBC, building up their Optimisation function from scratch. Through this journey he has been faced with all of the challenges commonly seen in getting an optimisation team up and running.

With previous employers he has worked with optimisation on both consultancy side with Adobe where he worked with many of the biggest companies in UK, and in-house at Google working to improve ROI for their syndicated partners. Sigi's educational background comes from music and performance, which he draws on to mix creativity, process and teamwork.

Andrea Mestriner, Global Head of Analytics, Marketing & Customer Products, YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP

Andrea Mestriner has over 14 years’ experience in the ecommerce domain spanning technology, product management, data and analytics. Andrea founded his product recommendation start-up in the US. In 2009 Expedia acquired his company. Subsequently, he joined Expedia where he fulfilled a host of roles in platform technology integration, product management (both customer and supplier focus) and finally in website and mobile apps optimisation where he had an active part in building the data platform to enable a fast integration of various datasets from the different tools used to monitor customer feedback, customer experience, website/apps performance to identify “frictions” to purchase and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

While at Expedia he cultivated his interest in customer and marketing analytics and the need to apply a growth mindset to this domain.

Andrea then joined European tech giant Just Eat where he held the role of Head of Data Analytics, Visualisation & Experimentation. At Just Eat he built a team of 24 professionals covering all aspects of analytics and visualisation. He also developed the company’s experimentation centre of excellence from scratch.

Currently he is the Global Head of Analytics for online high fashion retailer YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP. He is tasked with transforming the group’s analytics and digital marketing infrastructure to enable more effective data utilisation and a customer-led sales strategy.

Dan Grainger – Analytics Manager, Bourne Leisure

Dan is a widely experienced digital analytics and optimisation specialist, currently with Bourne Leisure (more readily recognised as Butlin’s, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels). The group is embarking on a digital transformation, with Dan on board to help build and develop analytical capabilities.

Prior to Bourne, Dan came from a background in academia and credit card analytics. He has since spent the last 12 years in digital analytics and optimisation roles with a variety of large and small companies across different verticals, Experian, Virgin Media, TUI and ASOS among them. Dan has even spent a period consulting for two very familiar names in our field, namely Michael Feiner and Peter O’Neill – he’s still trying to figure out what sin he committed to deserve that. Away from work Dan is a committed family man, enjoying life with his wife and two young sons while battling the inevitable sleep deprivation. He is originally from the ‘Black Country’, the middle of England – be prepared for the dulcet tones of his accent!

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