Participate in two analytics roundtable discussions out of choice of 11

Each delegate participates in two roundtable discussions on Friday April 3rd.
First discussion round includes six discussions and the second round includes five discussions. Pick one option from each round.
Topics include a range of subjects from managerial challenges to new technology introductions in digital analytics, data science and optimisation. See agenda page.
You will receive your personal agenda with dedicated links to your selected discussion rooms by April 1st.
On April 3rd we will start the event at 9am Central European Time with a short intro to all delegates. Then each delegate will be automatically redirected to their selected discussion room where an experienced analytics leader will moderate the 75-minute conversation.
Following the first round we will break for 10 minutes and reconvene for the second round discussions at 10:40am. Delegates will once again be automatically redirected to their rooms. 
At 11:55am we will reconvene the entire audience for a 5-minute wrap up.

Waitlist delegates will be prioritised for our next event
on April 24th if they do not make it into this event