2020 Workshop Schedule to be published by end of February


Workshops Day 1 (Monday, June 15th)

June 15th
9am - 12pm
Data Science Retreat

Audience: Decision makers

Workshop Description Are you an analytics manager looking to introduce Machine Learning (ML) into your analytics practice? Curious about successful use cases? Need a better understanding of ML? Worried about the cost and effort to implement?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this workshop, run by Jose Quesada, CEO of Data Science Retreat, is exactly for you.

Jose will cover what he refers to as the 'low hanging fruit': projects that have high chances of being ROI positive. For every data type, we will see an example use case.

Learning objectives:

  • How can you evaluate a ML proposal?
  • How do you measure progress?
  • How closely can you track your ML efforts towards a KPI? What if the KPI doesn't move?
  • Does agile work for data science?
  • How do you attract ML leaders to join your team? Do you need them?
  • Assume you have developers that are motivated to learn, but not proficient. Can you bootstrap a ML feature with them?

Consider joining this workshop if:

  • You are about to pitch a ML idea to your boss
  • You have a budget and C-level is onboard
  • You already have an active data science team and need to show ROI

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Workshops Day 2 (Tuesday, June 16th)

June 16th

2pm - 5:30pm


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