Workshop Tuesday, June 16th

June 16th

14:30 - 16:30

ABN Ambro

What gets measured gets managed, thus, KPIs serve as the cornerstone for any strong analytics programme…or any management programme for that matter. But are you using the measures that matter most? The wrong KPIs will likely drive your organisation in the completely wrong direction.

Join this interactive workshop with Julia Jukabiec, targeted at both analysts and managers, acquiring the principles of effective KPIs. Julia will walk you through the process. We will then spend the majority of the workshop going through two real-life exercises that will help you practice and internalise the principles shared in the first part. If setting up KPIs and managing reporting forms part of your responsibilities then this workshop will give you fresh ideas and perspectives on setting KPIs.

Workshop Wednesday, June 17th

June 17th

14:30 - 16:30

IIH Nordic

The nature and application of digital data is changing. Organisations are constantly looking to improve data utilisation. New analytical tools and data flows are emerging. Management increasing interest in data and awareness of its importance is, in turn, changing the purpose of analytics.

What do these changes mean for the data / digital analyst? Are your current analytical skills and methodologies going to serve you well tomorrow? What would you need to deliver to enable organisational success and be seen as a driving force?

Steen Rasmussen, Founder and Director of Analytics at IIH Nordic, will guide you through a framework for your analytics future. In this interactive workshop, he will help define, answer and plan some of the key activities needed to adapt current analytics approaches to the future state of competitiveness on data.

We will look at the increased automation of the analyst’s work assignments to free time for higher value exploratory tasks as well as enable direct data activation and orchestration. Based on the concept of profit driven analytics, we will explore the scenarios for increasing the relevance, significance and impact of digital data on business operations.

Steen will also be building on insights from IIH Nordic’s full digital transformation which, as part of a new vision for analytics work, included moving all staff to a 30-hour, 4-day working week without loss of earnings or productivity.

You will come away from this workshop with newly acquired skills and a clear vision of how to improve your analytical output.