Roundtable Discussion Leaders

Andreas Wunderlich – VP, Head of Analytics & Insights, Siemens

Andreas is a MarCom Leader with international agency and industry experience and a deep passion for data. Proven outcomes in Interactive Communications, Global Marketing, Branding and Demand Generation and the ability to manage multiple, complex regional and global digital projects across several sectors and divisions including budget and executive reporting.

Tim-Fabien Pohlmann - Director of Marketing BI, HelloFresh

Tim is the Director of Marketing BI at HelloFresh, a meal-kit provider with operations in Canada, Western Europe (including Germany, Switzerland and the UK), New Zealand and Australia. HelloFresh is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States. In this role Tim is responsible for HelloFresh’s entire marketing analytics, consumer profiling and success monitoring.

Tim is a passionate analyst in heart with over eight years’ experience in various analytics managerial roles. Prior to that Tim worked for 10 years as a researcher, software engineer and senior consultant in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics (Paris) and a master’s degrees in economics and machine learning (Berlin).

Allison Ma – Head of Data Science, Wagestream

Allison Ma is the Head of Data Science at Wagestream. Wagestream is a fintech start-up that allows employees to stream earned wages whenever they need. Allison is responsible for making teams more data-driven and helping Wagestream understand its financial impact on users.

Previously, Allison worked in the gaming industry, measuring game economies at GSN Games and researching how streamers grow at Twitch (an Amazon subsidiary).

Allison holds a BS in Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Tom Betts – Chief Data Officer, Financial Times

Tom Betts is Chief Data Officer at the Financial Times. He is a member of the FT Board and leads the FT’s data capability and strategy. This involves working with a global team to support all parts of the organisation in their use of data to improve and optimise their work.

Tom previously held positions at FT’s former parent – Pearson – as VP Analytics, building analytics teams across a range of educational businesses. Prior to that he was Head of Data Analytics for, having joined the FT in 2009. He was instrumental in establishing data as a core competency for the Financial Times and grew a team who have successfully catalysed the use of data in decision making right across the organisation.

Prior to the FT, Tom worked in a consultancy capacity delivering large scale data mining projects in several industry sectors.

Selina Chang – Global Data & Analytics Lead, Nissan Motors

Selina Chang is Nissan’s Global Data & Analytics Lead and has been instrumental in transforming Nissan’s business strategy in using data and analytics to make better business decisions. Prior to Nissan, she worked in various organisations as a senior analytics and martech consultant helping companies in the information technology and services industry.

Selina holds a master’s degree in international marketing from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Austin - Director of Data & Insight, Condé Nast Int.

Chris Austin is Director of Data & Insight at Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker to name a few.

Over the last 3+ years Chris has built a customer focused data org from scratch in the London based headquarters. His team covers Analytics & Reporting, Audience Research, Commercial Data Platforms, Audience CRM and Data Engineering. As a champion of the centre of excellence model with team members embedded where they are needed, Chris has rolled out this model in support of growing Conde Nast's portfolio of brands across eleven markets.

Prior to Condé Nast, Chris has held roles at the Guardian as Head of Analytics & Insight, in the BBC's strategy team across Digital and TV, and also spent time in consulting and at a gaming start-up.

Sigi Bessesen – Head of Optimisation, HSBC Bank

Sigi Bessesen is a highly experienced optimisation manager, having worked across multiple sectors including fashion, travel, media, telcoms and banking for more than a decade. The last four years he has spent with HSBC, building up their Optimisation function from scratch. Through this journey he has been faced with all of the challenges commonly seen in getting an optimisation team up and running.

With previous employers he has worked with optimisation on both consultancy side with Adobe where he worked with many of the biggest companies in UK, and in-house at Google working to improve ROI for their syndicated partners. Sigi's educational background comes from music and performance, which he draws on to mix creativity, process and teamwork.

Sandra Kampmann – Head of Insight & Analytics,

Sandra Kampmann leads the Insight & Analytics team at Her goal is to make ASOS a business led by data and customer centric insight while enabling her team to develop and work as efficiently as possible. Sitting within the Finance directorate, Sandra and the team are responsible for driving long term profitable growth within the business, focussing on embedding insight in retail, marketing and customer strategy as well as product analytics and experimentation. She works closely with the data and AI teams, helping to build a community focussed on pushing a data first and self-serve mentality across the wider business. She sees her team as the go-to experts for understanding data, supporting with interpretation while constantly pushing for new sources and new methodologies.

Prior to her role in analytics, Sandra was part of the Commercial Finance team at ASOS, helping the business stay focussed on profitability and growth with commercial awareness. Bringing an understanding of profit into insight and analytics is a further focus her.

Sandra holds a Diploma in Economics from the University of Ulm, Germany.

Ole Bahlmann - Head of Data, Asana Rebel

Ole is Head of Data at Asana Rebel, a Berlin-based start-up for a healthy lifestyle. He is a seasoned digital strategist and analyst who has been working with information technologies since 2001. He spent four years at SoundCloud, the world’s leading audio platform, leading a team of analysts and building the analytics and business intelligence infrastructure. He was VP of Insight at EyeEm, a Berlin mobile photography start-up, before working as a freelancer for various start-ups and agencies.

Ole has a degree in Applied System Science from the University of Osnabrück.

James McCormick – Principal Analyst, Forrester

James serves Customer Insights Professionals. He is the leading global analyst tracking and defining the value and impact of digital customer information on digitally transforming businesses. His digital intelligence models recognize the big data and advanced analytics approaches that transformed businesses have taken to continually optimize and evolve decisions, experiences, and actions. With his research and experience, he works with senior leaders on insights strategies for sustained market differentiation. James also works with all sizes of technology and services vendors in the digital data, analytics, personalization, and optimization space to define their business strategy, go-to-market, and product road maps.

His responsibilities at Forrester include leading the research on digital intelligence, insights-driven business, and location intelligence; providing end user and vendor strategic advisory; keynoting at industry events; and maintaining a role of key market influences in his field.

Prior to joining Forrester, James held several leadership posts running consulting teams that delivered marketing, eCommerce, location intelligence, and performance management solutions and services.

Andrea Mestriner, Global Head of Analytics, Marketing & Customer Products, YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP

Andrea Mestriner has over 14 years’ experience in the ecommerce domain spanning technology, product management, data and analytics. Andrea founded his product recommendation start-up in the US. In 2009 Expedia acquired his company. Subsequently, he joined Expedia where he fulfilled a host of roles in platform technology integration, product management (both customer and supplier focus) and finally in website and mobile apps optimisation where he had an active part in building the data platform to enable a fast integration of various datasets from the different tools used to monitor customer feedback, customer experience, website/apps performance to identify “frictions” to purchase and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
While at Expedia he cultivated his interest in customer and marketing analytics and the need to apply a growth mindset to this domain.

Andrea then joined European tech giant Just Eat where he held the role of Head of Data Analytics, Visualisation & Experimentation. At Just Eat he built a team of 24 professionals covering all aspects of analytics and visualisation. He also developed the company’s experimentation centre of excellence from scratch.

Currently he is the Global Head of Analytics for online high fashion retailer YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP. He is tasked with transforming the group’s analytics and digital marketing infrastructure to enable more effective data utilisation and a customer-led sales strategy.

Steffen Methling – Sr. Business Analyst Personalization & Owned Media, OTTO

Steffen started his digital analytics career selling analytics software at German web analytics vendor etracker ten years ago. Moving through analytics product strategy to the customer side at German E-Commerce player OTTO in Hamburg, he kept his passion for selling, now trading insights and digital ideas. Steffen is currently one of the lead analysts in OTTOs owned media personalization program.

David Christian Blumenthal-Barby – Head of Predictive Analytics & ML, Babbel

I am a computer scientist by training, and I have worked in data, algorithms and artificial intelligence for my entire career, long before the recent hype. I also happen to have a degree in Philosophy, which proves to be helpful in hype times.

I started my AI journey as a student with football playing robots at Freie Universität Berlin. From robots, I came to ML and computer vision, which is AI applied to images and 3D data. I worked as a computer vision researcher at Fraunhofer, Europe's largest independent research organisation. After six years of papers, conferences and multi-national research projects, I moved to the commercial sector, eager to change pixels and point clouds for new kinds of data.

I have worked for multinational corporates, such as SAP's Innovation Center in Potsdam, or Nasper's global data hub, where I had my first touch points with natural language data, working for the company's classified ads branch. For the last three years, I helped build a data department at Babbel, a Berlin based edu-tech pioneer where I built up a ML focused data science team from scratch. We approach a broad range of classic business topics, such as forecasting, churn, personalisation and CRM, with the modern arsenal of ML.

Running a small but highly skilled unit, I am particularly interested in bridging traditional gaps between analytics, data science and operational ML– between insight and prediction – solving more problems with fewer but better models.

Dan Grainger – Analytics Manager, Bourne Leisure

Dan is a widely experienced digital analytics and optimisation specialist, currently with Bourne Leisure (more readily recognised as Butlin’s, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels). The group is embarking on a digital transformation, with Dan on board to help build and develop analytical capabilities.

Prior to Bourne, Dan came from a background in academia and credit card analytics. He has since spent the last 12 years in digital analytics and optimisation roles with a variety of large and small companies across different verticals, Experian, Virgin Media, TUI and ASOS among them. Dan has even spent a period consulting for two very familiar names in our field, namely Michael Feiner and Peter O’Neill – he’s still trying to figure out what sin he committed to deserve that. Away from work Dan is a committed family man, enjoying life with his wife and two young sons while battling the inevitable sleep deprivation. He is originally from the ‘Black Country’, the middle of England – be prepared for the dulcet tones of his accent!

Carmen Mardiros – Head of Data, Secret Escapes

Carmen started her career in analytics back in the mid noughties while managing her own digital publishing and affiliate business. From there, she moved on to providing analytics consulting (both insights and tracking) across different verticals. Moving client-side took her into the world of Data Engineering, data modelling and data science where she has perfected the craft of today's tools of the data trade: Python, SQL, Jupyter, Cloud technologies, event analytics, modern BI tools.

Today she manages the data team at Secret Escapes where she wears many hats: defining data strategy for the business, acting as technical architect and lead engineer for the entire data platform (data engineering, data warehouse, event tracking, BI tooling), supporting the Insights function in the business.

Carmen's experience across the broad spectrum of technology and insights gives her a unique perspective on the full lifecycle of data while her hands-on technical role means that she can share advice from the trenches.

Ben Stephens, Senior Manager, Digital & Performance Analytics, Burberry

Ben is Senior Manager, Digital & Performance Analytics at Burberry where he has spent the past two years growing the impact of the team within the business. His focus, while rooted in Digital, spans the customer journey encompassing Digital Product & UX, Trade, Marketing, Customer Analytics and Testing. The new direction for Burberry following the arrival of a new Chief Creative Officer has redoubled the focus on the customer and truly understanding how to deliver a luxury experience to the new breed of Burberry customer, which is now the CCO’s primary goal.

Prior to Burberry Ben spent five years at ASOS where he began their Digital Analytics practice and grew the team as he worked his way through the ranks introducing core data competencies into the rapidly expanding business.

With over 12 years in Digital Analytics, primarily within eCommerce, Ben is an experienced leader in the field and excited to better understand other verticals and how they leverage data powered problem solving.

Michael Böhme - Team Lead, Insights & Decision Support Products, Zalando

Michael leads Zalando’s CRM Analytics Team and together with his team operates at the intersection of Customer Development, Direct Marketing and Digital Product Management.

Michael was Zalando’s first web analyst at the time when Zalando was aggressively expanding into new categories and international markets. He rose through the ranks to lead Zalando’s Digital Analytics team.

He then served as programme manager for ML Enablement followed by team lead for Direct Marketing Operations. His varied experience gives him a broad and unique perspective on Zalando’s data requirements and challenges.

Michael holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Workshop Leaders

Sibel Akcekaya – Founder, Nobhill Digital Consulting

Sibel Akcekaya is the founder of Nobhill Digital Consulting. The company focuses on digital analytics, product and marketing technology, operating in both Europe and USA. Sibel has over 20 years’ experience developing digital software products such as airline booking system, online reservation, online check-in, e-ticket and mobile boarding pass.

In the past 13 years she has focused on digital analytics and marketing technology to improve products and user experience based on data and technology. She has helped many big brands to start, fix and improve their digital analytics initiatives and optimize products using data.

Leaning on her extensive technology and software experience Sibel consults companies in their MarTech selection processes. She has worked with the like of US Airways,,, Turkish Airlines, American Airlines, Vodafone, Turkcell, ING Bank, Sony, Mercedes Benz, YemekSepeti (Delivery Hero) and Best Western International.

Sibel holds an MBA in Aviation and Finance from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida USA. She is also a food blogger creating digital food content that is attracting a global audience of food enthusiasts.

Steen Rasmussen – Director of Analytics & Founder, IIH Nordic

Steen is an international keynote speaker and a recognised analytics educator. He has shared his thoughts and insights on analytics from Silicon Valley to Mumbai. His clients include both big internationals such as Microsoft, Apple, LEGO, Ikea and Merck alongside smaller, more specialized organisations.

Steen has won multiple nominations by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) in both categories of Difference Maker and Practitioner of the Year.

IIH Nordic is a leading digital and analytics agency in the Nordics. Voted seven years in a row to the top Danish data agencies list. It was nominated by the DAA as best agency in the past four years for its continuous focus on combining digital analytics data directly to business impact through activation. It has also won Best Place to Work in Denmark for the past three years.

Charles Meaden - Managing Director, Digital Nation

Charles has been helping organisations extract actionable information from their analytics systems for the past 25 years.

His involvement in multi-disciplinary projects across analytics, SEO, paid search, site search and CRO, brings perspective and expertise to any project by delivering clean, reliable and useful data.

Charles specialises in digital optimisation, helping clients as diverse as Marks & Spencer and the Royal Navy. He presents regularly at industry conferences such as Digital Elite Day, Google Conversions, Conversion Hotel and MeasureCamp.

Charles holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hull.

Jose Quesada - CEO, Data Science Retreat

Jose is the founder and CEO at Data Science Retreat (DSR), the most advanced machine learning course in Europe. He specializes in practical applications of machine learning that ship in less than three months. After managing 167 machine learning projects (Computer vision, natural language processing, recommenders), Jose believes there's lots of low hanging fruit in machine learning, and it's tragic most companies are not doing much.

His company has trained staff for Audi, Zalando, GfK, Hella Aglaia, and Uber. He has also created training materials for IBM through Lightbend (advanced machine learning for fast data/Spark).

Jose holds a Ph.D. and has been doing ML for 20 years now, and has started businesses in Berlin, San Francisco, and Toronto.