Doing Good with Data: Vulnerable Customers Need You!

A vulnerable consumer is someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care. We are all vulnerable at times, our loved ones are vulnerable at times, and in an increasingly digital world it is time we start to actively seek out and care for vulnerable people in digital channels.
In this session Matthew Tod, will challenge you to see if you could use your data and skills to do greater good. He will present the issue and then ask for your help with the following questions:

  • Are there signals in our digital data streams that could indicate customer vulnerability?
  • Should we listen out for them? Is it legal to look for them?
  • What might the signals be? How could we validate the signals?
  • Would your organisation act if somebody were potentially vulnerable?
  • How can we ensure that vulnerable consumer measurement is open source intellectual property?

Matthew will run this short session at the end of each day at DA Hub so please join us at your convenience.

Matthew is the founder and Chief Data Officer at Logan Tod. He is working with a team to launch a new business which will help organisations that deliver positive outcomes for society, such as health, education, emergency services, public services and environmental organisations, develop their use of data and analytics.

Matthew is a Non-Executive Director, a Board advisor, coach and a consultant as required, supporting leaders in whatever way suits their particular circumstances, but always focused on achieving their goals.