Digital Analytics Hub - Virtual Event FAQ

Technical Issues

You must access the Zoom session via your personal agenda page (see direct link in our invitation email) so it is connected to the email address you used to register for the DA Hub.

Please do not wait for the event start before checking out your personal agenda page. We strongly recommend to check this NOW in order to avoid any problems at the time the conference starts.

For any questions upfront please reach out to

For urgent questions at the conference, please use the chat function at the bottom-left of this page.

We are using our website login for enabling Zoom's "Authenticated Profiles" to:

  1. increase the event's security
  2. To facilitate the automatic transfer of delegates from the main event session to the breakout rooms

To do so every delegate will see the screen below. It should be populated with your details (please ensure the email address is the same one that you used to register for the DA Hub.

If you cannot log in from this page then please go back to your personalized agenda page (see your invitation email, it requires your DA Hub password. If you haven’t created one simply click on Forgot my password and create one) and click on the chat function (bottom left) for a human operator to help you.

Please log into your personalised agenda page here (requires your DA Hub password from your online registration).

Feel free to use the Chat-Support at the bottom-left of this page to let us resend your credentials again.

Please enter your first and last name as by your registration when joining the Zoom session!

This will display your name on your video-screen for others and makes a conversation much easier. It will also help Matthias to allocate you to your respective break-out room. Please don't use shortings, abbreviations or emails in your Zoom name label.

See the FAQ below this how to change your name - it will be important during the virtual session to indicate any break-out rooms you want to join.

All participants will be automatically transferred from the general session at the start of the event to their pre-allocated discussion rooms. If the automated transfer fails (it will for some - an issue with Zoom) then Matthias Bettag will transfer you manually whilst you are in the general session room. Alternatively you can reach out to him on the Zoom Chat or email him on and he will attend to your request (this might take a few minutes).


If by any reason Zoom's auto-allocate function does not work, then do the followoing:

- Display all participants (hover Zoom on the bottom bar) so that all participants are displayed on the right

- Hover your own name and click >more>rename.

- Add a prefix with your huddle leader's first name to your name, e.g.: "Gary - YourFirstName YourLastName"

This will help us to fast allocate you. Once you are in your breakout session, please delete the prefix again.

Zoom’s web version doesn’t support Zoom's breakout rooms functionality. Therefore, you must use either the Zoom desktop app or mobile app, both available to download here. We recommend using the same email address you registered to the DA Hub (see Q5 below for why this is critical).

We strongly discourage using Zoom’s local dial-in numbers (currently Zoom only allows dial-in access for paying Zoom customers). However, if your Internet connection isn’t great and you're a paying Zoom customer, then you can use dial-in. But please be mindful that we’ll need to allocate you to your discussion room manually just before the discussions (which will cause a delay in you joining your allocated discussion)

If you’re seeing this screen for over a minute and it is after the event start time (1pm EST) then we suggest closing the Zoom app and clicking on the link again

When you join the session Zoom will give you the option to test your speaker and microphone:

When you join the session Zoom will give you the option to test your speaker and microphone:

You can also test your audio settings by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Audio Setting (bottom left corner):

Please log into your personalised agenda page here (requires your DA Hub password. If you haven’t created one simply click on Forgot my password and create one). You also find a direct link to your personalized agenda page in our email, subject: "Invite to the Virtual DA Hub - your personal agenda & next steps"). Click on the orange button to join the Zoom session again.
Alternatively, reach out to Matthias Bettag on the Zoom Chat or email him on and he will attend to your request (this might take a few minutes)

We strongly discourage changing discussions during the event (it requires manual intervention and could take a few minutes). However, if you strongly feel a discussion isn't for you then please reach out to Matthias Bettag on and he will attend to your request (this might take a few minutes).

Sometimes you may experience a loud echo in the Zoom meeting. This is normally due to one of three causes:

  1. A participant has both the computer and telephone audio active
  2. Participants with computer or telephones speakers that are too close to each other
  3. Multiple computer with active audio in the same conference room

To solve each of these issues please consult this Zoom page.

Your camera is not showing up in the Zoom Settings or it is selected but not showing any video. Plese follow these tips to troubleshoot this issue. 

We have a chat installed only for questions around the Virtual DA Hub, you find the chat-function here at the bottom-left of this page. The chat is also available on your personal agenda page (see link in your email).

About the virtual DA Hub

The DA Hub brings together senior practitioners in one place where they will help each other acquire the inside knowhow and insight required to lead their analytics practice more successfully.

Discover how leaders in the industry are overcoming common challenges. Learn what works and particularly what does not work to avoid costly career mistakes. Go back to your office with fresh ideas and the necessary use cases to gain management buy in to your analytics plans.

The DA Hub s an event for any senior practitioner looking to engage with peers through actively participating in the quality moderated huddles. You’ll learn about your peers' biggest challenges and how they went about overcoming them; exchange knowledge in all aspects of analytics management as well as subject matter expertise in marketing and digital analytics, data science, CRO and personalisation.

The event is almost exclusively roundtable discussions.

Each delegate participates in two roundtable discussions of their choice (based on availability).

Topics include a range of subjects from managerial challenges to new technology introductions in digital analytics, data science and optimisation. See agenda page.

Each delegate will receive a personal agenda with dedicated links to your selected discussion rooms by June 12th.

The event starts Monday, June 15, at 13:00 Central European Time with a short intro to all delegates and the Platinum sponsor keynote. Then each delegate will be automatically redirected to their selected discussion room where an experienced analytics leader will moderate the 80-minute conversation. Following the first round we will break for 10 minutes and reconvene for the Gold sponsor keynote and the second round discussions at 15:00 CET. Delegates will once again be automatically redirected to their rooms. At 16:30 CET we will reconvene the entire audience for a happy hour, wrap up and the virtual sponsor booths.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, June 16 and 17, the event flow is the same, but the starting time is at 10:00 CET, it ends at 14:30 CET.